Brain damage, as readers know, can have significant affects on a car accident victim’s life. According to the Brain Injury Association of America, the specific affects of brain injury are unpredictable, complex and can vary a great deal from one person to another. Among the possible effects of brain injury are changes in personality. There is no such thing as a standard brain injury, though, because it all depends on the severity, location and cause of the injury.

Car accidents victims can and should seek out compensation for brain injuries which result from the negligence of another party. Like brain injury itself, it isn’t always easy to say exactly how much compensation may be awarded for brain injuries. Suffice it to say that it varies from case to case. 

Demonstrative of this unpredictability is an interesting case which is currently being passed around concerning a Canadian woman who was awarded over $1.5 in damages for a brain injury stemming from a 2008 accident. The woman’s attorney had apparently argued in her case that, prior to the crash, she was a high-achieving high school student, but that her brain injury affected her personality and cognitive functioning to such an extent that she took up less-than-savory work as a dominatrix.

Ultimately, the judge in the case ruled that the woman did have some capacity to work, but a severely diminished capacity. In our next post, we’ll look at the specific damages awarded in this case, and offer some comments on the types of damages that brain injury victims may seek out in car accident liability cases.

Source: Insurance Business America, “Far Out Friday: Car accident turned bright student into dominatrix,” Jan. 30, 2015.