Uber’s New JUMP Bike Share Program Puts Focus On Bicycle Safety In Providence

JUMP Bikes (a company owned by Uber) has launched a new bike-share program in Providence, RI. These electric, pedal-assisted bikes are set up all over the capitol city from Federal Hill to Thayer St.. While this is a unique and enjoyable way for folks to get around...

Look Twice To Avoid These Common Motorcycle Accident Causes

Throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island the majority of motorcycle accident deaths are caused by collisions with other vehicles. We continue to see an increase in these accidents due to factors like distracted driving and drunk/drugged drivers. Due to their...

What Is The Police Officer’s Role In A Car Accident Claim?

The high volume of traffic in and between cities like New Bedford, Providence and Fall River inevitably leads to more car accidents, truck accidents and motorcycle accidents. Busy areas like Bald Hill Road in Warwick or Warren Ave. / Route 6 in Seekonk are filled with...

Back To School: Sharing The Road With Student Pedestrians & Bicycles

Massachusetts and Rhode Island children are all back to school this week, so it is even more important to curb dangerous habits behind the wheel, like distracted driving. Auto-pedestrian car accidents and auto-bicycle car accidents result in severe catastrophic...

What Are The Most Common Causes of Auto-Bicycle Accidents?

Auto-Bicycle accidents happen every day around Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Despite campaigns and new laws to end distracted driving, it continues to be the leading cause of car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents and the same goes for auto-bicycle...

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