Motor Vehicle-Related Pedestrian Accidents In Massachusetts

Motor vehicle related pedestrian accidents are most likely to occur in urban areas, due to the increased amount of population, traffic and distracted drivers. Cities like New Bedford and Fall River, Massachusetts see far too many people being hit by cars...
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Distracted Driving In Massachusetts: It’s Not Just Smartphones

When you hear the term distracted driving, you most likely think of smart phones, tablets, etc., but there are many other causes of distracted driving. According to a recent report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, one out of every five car...
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Common Types of Car Accidents Cause By Distracted Driving

All over Southeastern and Southcoast Massachusetts every day, distracted drivers and multitaskers are causing car accidents on our city streets, country roads, and highways. Sadly, statistics show that even if driving defensively, you or a loved one may eventually be...
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Truck Accidents In Massachusetts

New Bedford and Fall River, as well as other port cities in southeastern Massachusetts are major hubs of importing, exporting and transporting goods to businesses all over the U.S.. Commercial trucks make up a great deal of our highway traffic, which means our area...
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Times Square Attack Highlights Need For Safer Pedestrian Areas

The need for defensive urban design to protect people from auto-pedestrian injuries and fatalities has gotten extra attention in the past year because of terror attacks involving motor vehicles in England, Germany and France by people driving vehicles into crowds. ...
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