Is Mandalay Bay Hotel Liable For The Las Vegas Shooter’s Actions?

On Sunday October 1st hundreds of people attending a country music festival in Las Vegas were injured and many killed in one of the deadliest mass shootings in modern day U.S. history. Perched nearby in a high-rise suite at Mandalay Bay Hotel, the gunman Stephen...
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Massachusetts Laws On Distracted Driving And Device Use

The largest cause of car accidents and auto-pedestrian accidents in Massachusetts is distracted driving. Laws regarding mobile device use while driving vary from state to state, but it's good to understand these laws pertaining to avoiding distracted driving in...
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Teach Your Teenage Driver About Distracted Driving

With high traffic regions throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island, the need for focus multiplies as does the importance to avoid habits like distracted driving. What can we do as parents and guardians to impress upon our teenage drivers that the privilege of driving...
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Top Truck Accident Causes: Distracted Driving & Trucker Fatigue

Many of our port cities in southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island are major hubs of importing, exporting and transporting goods to businesses all over the U.S.. Because of this, commercial trucks make up a great deal of our highway traffic, which means our area...
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Safe Driving Tips For Teens To Avoid Car Accidents

Driving in Massachusetts and Rhode Island can be a challenge for even the most experienced drivers, so our new teen drivers need all of the help they can get. Young drivers need to learn to make better decisions behind the wheel, to help them to avoid car accidents...
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