In general, Personal Injury is no joking matter, but occasionally you come across cases that you just have to laugh at. We thought we’d share a few that we’ve heard of through the grapevine. Enjoy!


Crime Doesn’t Pay?

A professional thief from Bristol, PA decided to burglarize a home one evening and eventually became trapped. He attempted to get use the garage door which was not working and the other door out was in disrepair as well. The burglar ended up being trapped in the house for eight days and survived on dry dog food and Pepsi. The result was a law suit against the homeowners for all of his mental anguish. In the end, a jury awarded him $500,000.

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

In 2004, two teens had decided to bake cookies for their neighbors. Wanting to remain anonymous, the girls knocked on doors, dropped of the cookies with a hand written heart shaped tag and ran away before being seen. At 10:30pm the girls visited the home of their 49-year-old female neighbor who was startled by the “shadowy figures” and she called the police. The female neighbor ended up going to the hospital due to an anxiety attack the next day and sued the young girls for $900 in medical and $3,000 in punitive damages despite the young girls request for forgiveness and an offer to pay for her medical bills.

Like Mike

One Portland gentleman claimed that he had been mistaken for basketball great Michael Jordan nearly daily for the last 15 days and he had had enough. In 2006, he sued Mr. Jordan and a Nike executive for promoting Jordan to the tune of $832 million. His claim was for personal injury and emotional pain and suffering because of his alleged likeness. No matter that the Portland gentleman was 6 inches shorter and eight years older than Jordan.

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