The roads and highways throughout New Bedford, and the rest of New England, are not only shared by motor vehicle drivers and their passengers, but also workers, pedestrians and bicyclists, among others. If drivers do not use care and caution when driving, it can easily lead to pedestrian accidents, which often result in serious injuries or death.

According to reports, three people were injured, and another person was killed, in Washington recently after a 1-ton truck driven by a man, who had moved there from Rhode Island last year, hit them. The truck, it was reported, went on to strike the deceased and two other vehicles after plowing into the injured victims. A man who attempted to stop the out of control vehicle was also injured.

An attorney representing the 27-year-old driver reportedly suggested that the truck continued to accelerate due to a mechanical malfunction, although it was not reported whether there was any evidence to confirm such an issue. Following the accident, the driver was found to have a BAC level of 0.23 and authorities reported observing evidence he was intoxicated, including smelling of intoxicants and slurred speech. The man’s driver’s license was purportedly suspended in Rhode Island, but the cause for the suspension is unknown. He has been charged with vehicular assault and vehicular manslaughter.

If you have suffered injuries after being hit by a car, or if you have lost a loved one in such an accident, it may be helpful to seek legal counsel and representation. An attorney can help you understand your rights and options for seeking restitution and compensatory damages.

Source: The Bellingham Herald, “Prosecutor: Driver was drunk in Bellingham crash that killed pedestrian,” Zoe Fraley, May 27, 2014