When motor vehicles are involved in collisions on the streets of New Bedford, it often causes the involved autos to spin and roll, which can result in further or increased damage. Although all types of car, truck and SUV accidents can potentially result in serious injuries or death, rollover collisions can be especially dangerous. Vehicle occupants in these types of accidents can be ejected and the tops and sides of vehicles are often crushed, which may pin, trap or otherwise harm the person or people inside the vehicle.

According to reports, a woman was killed in a rollover auto accident involving an SUV and another vehicle that occurred in Randolph in September 2011. The woman reportedly died due to massive trauma that she sustained to her head and lower body. It was not reported whether she was driving or was a passenger when the vehicle she was traveling in was struck by an SUV. A drunk driver was purportedly operating the SUV. The impact caused the auto the deceased was in to spin and roll multiple times, during which she was thrown out of the vehicle.

Two other people who were in the vehicle with the decedent were reportedly seriously injured in the wreck. No updates were reported, however, regarding their updated conditions or recovery statuses. The driver who caused the crash was recently convicted on several charges, including one for motor vehicle homicide while driving under the influence, and is now awaiting sentencing.

If you have been injured in this type of collision, or if you have lost a loved one in such an accident, you may consider talking to an attorney. A legal professional can explain your rights and go over with you your options for pursuing financial compensation for damages resulting from the crash.

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